Girl walking on beach towards sunset.

I Am The Locationist

This photo was taken by IG:ourphotos4freedom, edited by me.

<<36.6149° N, 121.8221° W>> [Seaside, California]

One thought changed my perspective; “No matter where you live, people come to see your world.”

I’ve lived in California, New Jersey, Idaho, and Utah. I’ve visited Mexico (twice), Canada, and toured Europe. I’ve driven across the country and flown across the world.

When I travel, small details fascinate me (architectural differences and colors, for example). Conversely, receiving my first proper camera quite literally enlarged my vision.

While I definitely love capturing smaller pictures (as you’ll notice in my photography), I also enjoy capturing larger landscapes.

The Locationist has been in the works for months now. During a road trip to California, I decided to make this dream a reality. Coincidentally, it was the day that the photo above was taken.

I want the focus to be how I see the world, which is why the majority of my images are of places and other people.

This blog account is, in essence, my pact to live more responsibly by improving my  appreciation for the world around me.

Thank you for taking the time to join me on my journey! I am always looking for an adventure, so feel free to share your favorite travel destinations or recreational activities below.

Best Wishes,

The Locationist


2 thoughts on “I Am The Locationist

    1. Thank you! If you have any good ones, I would love to try them out! I went two summers ago and visited England, France, Germany, Italy, and the Vatican.


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