Terrible Weather Makes for Better Adventures

It was raining, freezing cold, 8 AM, and the perfect day for a spontaneous adventure.

Driving through the nearly deserted Salt Lake City, with rain sliding off my wind shield in sheets, I had the whole city to myself.

Salt Lake embodies the exact reason why I’m in love with cities. I love the integration of cultures. I love the glitzy cameo and  the undercurrent of realism.

I didn’t have a destination in mind. Instead, I decided to drive up. Literally, up.

The sun was rising and I wanted to get higher.

And of course, I found what felt like one of the steepest roads in Utah. Don’t you love that? With the mood I was in, I might have been riding a roller coaster!

Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of photos from this excursion, but I believe my Instagram/Facebook followers will recognize this shot:

<<40.7774 N, 11.882 W>> [Salt Lake City Capital]
I also stopped by the farmer’s market. By now, the rain was much heavier.

Despite the weather, a small, unrushed crowd wandered the booths.


Side note about this trip: This trip was VERY spontaneous. The cops redirected traffic onto the exit and I decided to take advantage of the diversion.

Have you ever had a “spur of the moment” trip? Tell me about it in the comments below!

Adventure on,

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2 thoughts on “Terrible Weather Makes for Better Adventures

  1. One weekend, a few semesters ago In rexburg I had been hoping to do some kind of outdoor adventure with friends but everyone bailed. Instead of being miserable all weekend I decided to do something myself. I drove about 2 hours west to the beaverhead mountains and drove down this long and very rough road. I reached a point where I couldn’t drive any further without risking serious damage to my car. So I stopped and went on a hike through the forest. I’d say I hiked a total of about 12 miles that day. I set up my tent near where my car was and had a wonderful nights sleep. I woke up and saw the sun rising over the mountains in the distance through my tent window, it was amazing! The trip was such a good and meaningful experience. I also felt vulnerable because I didn’t see a soul the whole time.

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