Abandoned, Not Alone

Calling the Tintic Standard Reduction Mill abandoned may be technically correct; however,  locals and tourists alike have turned the old mine into a hodgepodge of artistic masterpieces.

Harold Mill has transformed into a hidden gem of a monument. Oh, and I really do mean hidden.

Despite my printed paper map, K- and I passed the mill and landed in Goshen. On this lazy, frozen Sunday afternoon, the town felt deserted. Not wanting to waste an opportunity to explore, we parked and wandered up and down the main street.

When In Goshen:

  • Take photos with EVERYTHING (Goshen is charismatic in a small and colorful kind of way. Barred windows and buildings that we could only guess had been abandoned filled the small main street).
  • Count the cars that pass through (less than 20 for sure during the hour that we were there).
  • Talk to passersby to learn about future adventure options (There’s a movie set nearby??).


To give context to my observations, I grew up in suburban towns near larger, urban cities. Visiting Goshen was VERY different than what my upbringing had accustomed me to.img_0959

When we finally reached Harold Mill, the greeting that I received leading up to it was comically ominous.

There are two ways to ascend the mountain face (the mill juts out from the mountain’s side). K- chose the higher path (and in heels, no less), while I walked along the base.

Do you see K-?

A large group passed me, warning that with the snow and mud it would be treacherous to climb. They were skeptical of my desire to reach the mill.

Fortunately, it really wasn’t that bad.

Words really can’t describe the experience, so I’ll show you instead:

Even as I could start to see Harold Mill, I had no idea how stunning this experience would be.
Mist rose from the pools at the base, and it was golden hour.


We were loving on the texture of this snow xoxo
Would you climb this?
Because K- climbed it in heels.

This location was PERFECT for a photoshoot. You can expect future sessions here, because there really is nothing like Harold Mill.

As always, I’d love to hear about your adventures and favorite experiences! Comment your thoughts below.

Travel hard, travel safe.

Best wishes,

The Locationist


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