Lover & A Dreamer- Salt Flats

I’m a lover and a dreamer.

I’m in love with people and places; with photography and the idea of photography.

Some say that photography is a science. It’s finding the perfect balance of shutter speed, ISO, lining your lens up with your shot to follow the rule of thirds… But that’s not why I shoot.

I shoot because when I look through the lens, I see more. My vision is literally broadened. I see things, compositions, adventures, emotions… Afterwards; when I edit, I get to relive the experience over and over and over.

One moment that I love to relive was a spontaneous stop at the Salt Flats.

My mom and I both like to shoot, and so when we realized that we were driving past the Salt Flats, we had to stop.

There were a couple of areas, divided by the amount of water and salt that each area contained.

I spent more time on my stomach shooting the bottles and twigs than anything else.


I haven’t shared any photos like this until now, but a fun & quirky fact about me is that I love photographing my sandals when I go adventuring with them. Here’s a shot that I took on this trip:


Do you have anything like that?

It was such a surreal day. The sky was perfect!


We still had another 10 plus hours to go, but we didn’t feel rushed. THIS is how you travel. THIS is how I travel.


What do you love? What are you passionate about? What changes the way that you experience life? What shoes do you wear when traveling?

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.


The Locationist


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